Costs to hire the services of physiotherapy Birmingham!
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Physiotherapy Birmingham services give people the hope of being fixed or get better in a few months with different kinds of physiotherapy sessions to fit every kind of problem each person can come across. The team share a passion for giving or providing people with a high quality clinically proven physiotherapy. Each member of the physiotherapy Birmingham managed to be an expert in their own field to commit themselves in serving the people in need.

Physiotherapy offers reasonable and affordable price for their services and treatments. Discounts are also available for group bookings, group treatments, or courses. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy are always available, the Initial Physiotherapy Assessment usually ranges from £35.00 to £65.00. Most of the time it depends on how long or short the Initial Physiotherapy Assessment time set by a certain physiotherapist. Other factors that can change prices would be, if you your chosen physiotherapist is highly in demand and popular. Physiotherapy Treatment would usually costs £30.00 to £40.00 per Treatment session.

The Neurological Physiotherapy can be a bit more or be really expensive, the Initial Neurology Assessment would be around £65.00, while the Neurological Treatment Sessions would fall on £55.00 each session. Availing a block or group treatment sessions would also give you around 10% discount depending on the provided number of individuals needed to avail the Block or group Treatment Sessions. They also do have a 10% discounted rates for members of sports clubs or gym members, just do not forget to bring your membership card to qualify for the discount.

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